Man speak dating

But when I took the hint and stopped texting, he noticed and did the same.

Maybe, in the end, this is all just a story of a miscommunication and two people too easily spooked.

I had only made my first few sweaty, six-digits-and-hang-up forays into the art of calling a crush when AIM came along and mercifully gave me an out.

I loved AIM; I liked that having to type everything meant I couldn’t blurt out something embarrassing, and I felt immense gratitude that it wasn’t obvious when I was scrambling for what to say next.

“All friends note,” he wrote, “After the unfortunate incidents in recent weeks, caused by the unlawful conduct before my wife Eva Karwitha, I hereby give official separation from her. They ain’t as loaded Contrary to what many Kenyan women think, mzungus are not that rich.

From now on, I take no liability for all her financial or other transactions. But please, do not come back bitch.” The German guy accused his wife of stealing his car and Sh1 million before going into hiding. What does their dress code of rugged jeans, dirty sport shoes and backpacks tell you?

Those dreams of leading a lavish life could be a mirage, after all. Those playing the field are usually old, graying and preying geezers. Mzungus also don’t prefer dating smart women who can challenge their whitewashed IQs.

But when their love life hit the rocks, Dominic changed the Facebook page to ‘Signs of Narcissist.’ In a long post, the odiero wrote: “This page will no longer be about Whitney and Dominic. She will probably hate my a*s for doing this, but I can’t let it go anymore without consequences. Zilpah further claimed that Fockler had already left for Nairobi, and that the Canadian initially paid the rent on time, but all of a sudden, started giving excuses and asking for more time to look for the money.

Even stranger, I’m discovering that those times when my voice is unsteady or my words aren’t materializing are the times when I should pick up the phone, not shy away from it.

I’ve spent a lot of years being afraid of what would happen if someone could tell I was fumbling for what to say, or if I accidentally revealed exactly what was on my mind.

More often, he is morbidly impressed at how long a conversation can burble on, one-sided, after he has texted me “good night.” And sometimes, when the tone of a text conversation reaches a particular level of indignation, he gently tells me we should switch to a phone call so no one gets misunderstood. Our wildly contrasting sleep schedules, for example, are one point in favor of silent, respond-at-your-own-pace communication, while the long-distance relationship we share across two non-adjacent boroughs of New York City make phone calls indispensable when it comes to matters of logistics. I’m here but it’s crowded, let’s meet somewhere else” is a more efficient conversation when it doesn’t have to be punched in one letter at a time.

And the longer we stay together, strangely enough, the more I find myself inclined to just call when I want to talk to people I care about.

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