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I think that both Rascal Dog and I were surprised at how short the scene was. Another unexpected scene that was sprung on me by FTVRob.

I write that making it seem like shooting a girl/girl scene is such a hardship haha.

And, the freaky ones who like panty stuffing (I love my panty stuffing lovers). I do wish that I could fist myself, but the times that Ive tried I just wasnt able to do it (pretty much because it was very painful bending my wrist for an extended length of time).

Its probably something that I should practice in the comfort of my home, but in the meantime Ill just the faux fist Lia and I go to a park near one of the FTV homes (a place that she had scouted out).

I have a gold toy that matches the gold clasp on the back of my shoes, so of course I decided to use that for this masturbation scene.

While I am absolutely in love with this closeup video, what I did not like at all is the damn gnat that literally hung out on my vagina while I was doing spreads. I thought about I feel like a sexy wood nymph in this skin tight green dress and brown shoes.Getting oil off any surface is a huge pain in the butt!I grab some of my favorite body wash (Warm A combination scene!I was trying to find a pair of heels that would go with this dress (preferably something that I hadn't worn in a scene).I knew that I had received a pair of heels and was in love with them as soon as I opened the shoe box. I only scanned through this video before editing it, so I'm kind of wondering if the crazy gnat from my closeups scene followed me to this scene. I'm going to make it a mission to wear a butterfly (mainly jewelry) on me for all of my scenes.

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