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This structural biology study by Daniel Stöppler, Alex Macpherson, Hartmut Oschkinat, Alastair Lawson and colleagues establishes an innovative approach to characterizing the allosteric effects of ligand binding, here exploring new compounds that bind to the neonatal Fc receptor, a validated drug-target in autoimmune diseases.

Diego Ramirez-Diaz, Daniela García-Soriano, Ana Raso, Petra Schwille and co-workers show that Fts Z, the primary protein of the bacterial Z ring that guides cell division, when artificially targeted to the membrane in the absence of its normal membrane anchor Fts A, self-assembles to form dynamic chiral rings in manner dependent on surface concentration.

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Evan Quon, Yves Sere, Christopher Beh, Anant Menon and co-authors eliminate contact sites between the endoplasmic reticulum and the plasma membrane in yeast, revealing their role in the regulation of phospholipid synthesis and phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate turn-over.Turing's employers, on the other hand, thought the ACE would be Britain's national computer: a single machine that could satisfy the computing needs of 'the whole country'. Woolly-minded administrators wasted the brilliant technological achievements of Turing and his group.There is a happy ending—but by that time Turing had turned his back on the ACE forever.In the United States the Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann shared Turing's dream of building a universal stored-program computing machine.Von Neumann had learned of the universal Turing machine before the war—he and Turing came to know each other during 1936-1938, when both were at Princeton University.

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