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Panic dominated everything, and we went to the house of a neighbor, then to a dark cellar thought by the men a more secure place.

There were more of us than the place could accommodate.

There was no official winner of the fifth annual heist, except for fans of romance.

It’s worth noting that the Michael Schur-verse has precedent for taking Halloween and making it an occasion for engagement: “Parks and Recreation” literally did this with the episode “Halloween Surprise,” which segued from Leslie (Amy Poehler) thinking that she and Ben (Adam Scott) were about to put their life together on hold to Ben surprising her with a seemingly spontaneous engagement ring.

This time, the anniversary has a special meaning as Syrians, who have broken the fear barrier, are now openly talking about the events that transpired thirty years ago in their homeland.And as we walk once more in the next funeral procession, they reply with the same, and so on.We stay in our homes, they break our doors arresting us and intimidating our mothers, if I am not killed, someone else will be. Today I remembered, more than any other day, I remembered my father. He was not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but he sided with the people of his ravished city.I was little when we buried him and I remember that he had no eyes. We had just finished the first school semester and had gone on spring break, and what a holiday..At night, and as we slept, we could hear loud sounds breaking the place’s silence and turning its serenity into a murderous horror.

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