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It was natural then, that he accompany me on this trip. First of all, Brian, enrolled at Mc Gill University in Montreal, had spent the school year on an exchange in Dublin, Ireland, and was scheduled to finish at the end of May.As well, my son Brian, who shares Joels enthusiasm for history, chose to join us on this journey. Secondly, the weather in Eastern Europe would probably be at its best in early June, and thirdly, Alexander Dunai, who would serve as our guide in Ukraine, was available at that time, provided that we booked him well in advance.As I mentioned earlier, it was my brother Joel who got the ball rolling many years ago.Joel was always interested in the Diener family, and also had a very strong knowledge and appreciation of history and geography.In the terminal, we had a couple of hours to wait before catching our Lot Airlines flight to Warsaw.We sat in a large waiting area, and spent the time watching the people.

My late father often mentioned his hometown of Grzymalow, or Rimalov, as it was called in Yiddish.Introduction Let me begin by providing a little bit of background information.Over the past five or six years, I have been very involved in genealogical research.We now see each other and our families on a regular basis.Just last month, I located one of my mothers Luterman cousins living in Honolulu, and this discovery opened up a whole new branch of the family, and may eventually lead to a Hawaiian vacation This aspect of genealogical research has been particularly rewarding.

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