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By a wide array of measures, now is a great time--the best time ever--to be black in America. Even for some of the most persistently unfortunate--uneducated black men between 16 and 24--jobs are opening up, according to a just-released study of hard-luck cases in 322 urban areas by researchers at Harvard University and the College of William and Mary.More and more blacks have entered the realm of the privileged and have offices in (or tantalizingly near to) the corridors of corporate and political power.Indeed, blacks polled by NEWSWEEK credited black churches (46 percent) and black self-help (41 percent) for the upturn in black conditions. Black academic achievement stills lags that of whites.

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For Barbee, a Blockbuster executive, and her husband, Gerald, a medical-equipment technician, trading in a fancy North Lake Shore Drive address for a North Lawndale dream house was not merely a matter of getting good quality for a good price.According to the center, the number of black elected officials has nearly sextupled since 1970, and now stands at roughly 9,000.In a poll late last year by the Joint Center, blacks were more likely than whites--for the first time in the history of this survey--to say they were better off financially than in the previous year (51 percent compared with 31.5 percent).She loved her work and greatly appreciated the people there.Knowing she worked different jobs in her life, her position at MHMR-Llano was the job she loved.

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