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“It is a low-cost alternative to sex.” “It more carefully, closely mimics the real sexual act than ever before, and so it too drives down the cost of sex,” he said.

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“It prevents a socially and personally seismic event, pregnancy, from occurring … Modern pornography, with its virtual experience options, leaves women vulnerable in relationships.

within the course of an action of something you really wanted to undertake [i.e., sex].” Because of that impact, Regnerus said, “sex no longer means pregnancy, which means the price of sex … Because the risk of it has diminished.” “You may not like that kind of language,” he added, “but I dare you to document to me how it is not true, how it didn’t happen.” Regnerus then brought up pornography. “It’s a technology that has fundamentally altered how men and women interact,” he said.

This current situation has contributed to shocking statistics, such as a 41 percent out-of-wedlock birth rate and a rapidly decreasing number of marriages.

Regnerus said he’s doubtful the #Me Too movement would bring about significant change in the male-female power dynamic, since it does nothing to give women more power in relationships. “I’m seeing evidence of a little bit of a comeback.

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