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I'd browsed so-called "millionaire" sites in the past, but been put off by profile headlines like: "Do you want to drive my Ferrari?" and "Have you ever dreamed of being Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?

Yes, this is another historical stopping point in the city but given the impact on the local area at the time, and since the record breaking motion picture, The Titanic Belfast provides you with the chance to view where it all began as well as giving you a fascinating insight into the story of the doomed ship.At first, I was thrilled when, after only four hours, I had 60 new messages.But I soon remembered why I had tired of internet dating in the first place: the profiles all seem to merge into one.It can be easy for local residents to overlook the history that is on their own doorstep but the Crumlin Road jails provide the opportunity to learn about the life of the prisoners and the people that held them captive in some of the most turbulent times in Irish history.An excellent choice for singles in Liverpool who have an interest in local history.

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