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If it’s clear that he is, then you can proceed to send raunchier messages.If you start off by sending him a message that’s really out there, then you risk him getting weirded out by it. Critics of fingering blast it as immature and pointless: something to give up once you’re over 25.

If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site.

Denise explains: “When men and women orgasm, one of the hormones released is called Oxytocin that is referred to in research as the bonding hormone.

“When it’s released it makes you feel closer to someone and you will want to repeat that, finding other ways to experience that closeness and that pleasure.” She added: “It isn’t going to be for everyone but fingering can be part and parcel of a relationship.” Denise Knowles is a sex and relationship counsellor for advice charity Relate.

“People in relationships bond with each other by exploring each other’s bodies.” Denise has been a sex expert for over 25 years and is amazed by how little people talk about how to finger a girl.

She says: “Find out what your girlfriend does or doesn’t like and discover their absolutely special thing. “It’s not something to bring up on your first date sitting in Costa Coffee: you might make her choke on her chocolate brownie.

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