How soon is too soon for sex when dating

Today, while some women will date to marry, many are delaying marriage until later in life.As a result, dating in the 21st century may be for the purpose of companionship, someone to do things with before one gets married.Oh, but the men as much as they sit around feverishly "wanting to" all day long don't actually like it when a woman does put out, because it means she's one of those no-good putter-outers and not a real woman at all. We've gone out five times and the last time we had sex. He and I both went through a divorce a year and a half ago; we were both married about 20 yrs. I want to keep having sex with him; I just hope it was a good decision.Nothing to be ashamed of and you certainly are not sabotaging the relationship. It takes physical, spiritual and mental chemistry to make a relationship work. We're all adults and we need some pleasure at some time or another. If you choose to put a time on the sex thing, it is the 3rd date. I do sometimes wonder if being restrained was a mistake, and I could have "sealed the deal" by being more aggressive.However, how about this situation: I'm talking to a girl for about a week. She asks to come over to my house, and I deny the forwardness. For me, if I'm attracted to someone, on the 3rd date my pants are coming off no matter what for fear of busting through them. Hopefully, you make the right decision, respect the other's stated wishes, and are later rewarded for your compassion. I met a guy last night...finally after talking on here for so long (he's a pilot and works weird hours)...

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You were horny and you felt you could trust the guy and maybe see him as having LTR potential.Has HE made you feel as though what you and he did was inappropriate? The first 30 days, the other person is wonderful and you can’t get them out of your mind when you aren’t with them. And he moved too fast for SEX with you which deep down validates your fear that you are giving your heart to someone who doesn't love you.The second 30 days, the reality starts setting in; you start seeing the flaws and wondering if this is the right person. You can have sex as soon as you want or get to know the person and try later. Every person, relationship, set of values, chemistry level, circumstances are different. Just don't play games like "never on the first date", or "after 3 months", etc. You have sabotaged your relationship potential due to a control issue.I don't think he is looking for anything serious but I don't know..anything I rather have real friendship with him...So we are kissing at am in front of my building and I got nervous when someone walked by..didn't want to leave I know but said it was okay if I wanted to go in...(I also knew he had to get up at 7am to be at the airport)... If sex is your only bargaining chip then it doesn't matter if you have sex within an hour of meeting or the 100th date.

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