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But then we learned this: For a recent family vacation, the Pitts opted to fly coach. And according to witnesses, they weren't even pushy Hollywood dicks about it! We asked pilots to explain When to Actually Worry During a Flight.) But then again, there are rumors that they're thinking about plopping down .7 million for their own private island in Greece. But whatever, they're rich and famous, and even after all these years, they're still easy on the eyes. Enjoy your economy-class tickets to your own island, Mr. In fact, the couple's first public appearance was at Penn's recent gala to raise money for Haitian earthquake victims, and Theron is a United Nations Messenger of Peace focusing on HIV prevention in Africa. Neither the dynamic chef nor his gorgeous wife, actress Lindsay Price wanted to go on the date. And for more ideas on how to improve every aspect of your life, from your health to your sex drive to your career path, pick up a copy of The Better Man Project, the brand-new book from the Editor in Chief of Rory Mc Ilroy knows a lot about golf, and about being in shape.They both gave it a shot, and wound up falling hard for each other. The happy twosome try and give back whenever they can, proving their gratitude over and over. (In his May cover story, we learned all about The Fitness Secrets of Rory Mc Ilroy.) But as we recently discovered, he's also pretty skilled at keeping his love life private.Most of us thought Rory had been single since he cancelled wedding plans with Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki last year.But then he showed up at the Irish Open last month with his new girlfriend, Erica Stoll, a 29-year-old PGA employee from Florida.If you believe the tabloids, their relationship is either in trouble or Aniston is pregnant, or any other number of scenarios that are likely fiction.Our recommendation: They can take as long as they want. In addition to roles in everything from American Psycho to Parks and Recreation, Theroux scripted Tropic Thunder and is reportedly working on Zoolander 2.Two words: Lap dances.(Everybody loves a good fantasy, but don't be fooled by these 5 Things That Only Happen in Porn.) You know how you should never take your work home with you?

Wilson is recently divorced from his high school sweetheart, the woman who once followed him to three different colleges just to be with him.

Rock stars are more notorious for adhering to a strict regimen of psychoactive pharmaceuticals than a disciplined exercise routine.

But the Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has a proficiency for all kinds of grueling yoga poses that he’s practiced for the past 5 years.

As for Aniston, the We’re the Millers star—and one of the Hottest Woman of All Time—has an equally busy schedule.

Here's the main reason we're not worried about these two.

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