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To enter: – Follow us on Instagram – Upload your best Christmassy Crumpets or Giant Crumpets – Use the hashtag #Warburtons Christmas Crumpets – Tag @warburtonsuk Competition closes: 5pm Sunday 17th December Ts&Cs in our bio! The furry community are people who enjoy dressing up in life-size animal suits. #crumpets #eggs #hens #food #foodart #yummy #healthyfood #treat #breakfast A post shared by Sarah smith (@sarahaliciasmith) on Baked Crumpets 😍 inspired by the amazing @whatiateforbreakfast !! ♡ this is just some goofing around with my model for this suit, having too much fun!#win A post shared by Warburtons (@warburtonsuk) on It was all going so well, until one mum decided to browse the hashtag to check out what she was up against – and discovered that Warburtons had accidentally hijacked the hashtag of a company who makes costumes for furries. And they already had #crumpetcreations covered, thanks to a costume company called Crumpet Creations. Go check out her eggspertise 🍳😏 #bakedcrumpets #proteincheese #crumpets #foodie #fitfam #eatleancheese #balance #breakfast #crumpetcreations #balancedlifestyle #eggspert #foodinspo A post shared by Jo (@jorobbo_) on Body is finally done! #furry #furries #fursuit #fursuiting #fursuiter #fursuitcommissions #furrie #furr #furryfandom #crumpetcreations A post shared by crumpet (@crumpetcreations) on One of my favorite photos from #masturifestival here in Phoenix, Az!I couldn't have chosen a better person to do this for this year.Many were on my list but this guy needed some serious recognition and deserved this as a thank you, for doing everything he does for us. Thank you again @hatchetcrissinger for everything you do for this fandom.💜 #furry #furries #fursuit #azfurries #fursuits #fursuiting #Crumpetcreations A post shared by crumpet (@crumpetcreations) on After the mum exposed their error, Warburtons swiftly apologised and changed their hashtag to #Warburtons Christmas Crumpets, which makes a lot more sense and we’re not sure why they didn’t just use that in the first place.

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For someone who may be meek or shy, they become a bit more adventurous and outgoing. ‘I then googled a bit and found their site and my heart fell through my butt because I saw they are the UK’s largest bread company.‘On top of that, our community as a whole views anyone who DOES use their costume for those as rather nasty. In all, we are just a huge group of people who enjoy a bit of fun and we do it just because we can.Once we catch wind of it, they are typically put on beware lists through our communities. Each character is depicted by ourselves or a close friend, as an extension of ourselves.It was in 2010 that Amilcar Adamy first investigated rumors of an impressive cave in southern Brazil.A geologist with the Brazilian Geological Survey (known by its Portuguese acronym, CPRM) Adamy was at the time working on a general survey of the Amazonian state of Rondonia.

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