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Overall this is an unbelievably gorgeous yet masculine scent that is I think my all-time favourite fragrance (better than fragrances even 3 times its price), and is a very unique aquatic with its lotus flower note as well as the lack of citrus.

I also love the futuristic bottle which sort of resembles a bottle at sea.

It took me a while but I've finally come around to actually start enjoying this fragrance and I've used about 25% of my bottle already. Sharp citrus's at the beginning remain throughout the entire life of this fragrance.

The mid and bottom notes add a mossy woodiness to the smell. The fresh air and breeze goes well with this juice.

The face of the scent is TV host Caster Oosterhouse, a truly romantic person and a good nautician. It has a similar vibe of the clean, aquatic scents you're bound to find in a department store, but with a unique freshness and fruitiness the others don't have.

The composition opens with cold, green notes of leaves and apple. Nautica's other fragrances all have that sort of generic aqua vibe, but Voyage is different and is like a cool water splash at the beach.

It has a futuristic aquatic avante-garde sort of vibe due to the lack of citrus; I feel it wouldn't be out of place in Blade Runner or especially Waterworld.Are you looking for a hot local chick for a discreet sex date or are you more looking for a long term relationship?Or perhaps you just want a fling or flirt with a hot girl? From Fling to Adult Friend Finder we sorted out the best online dating sites.There is a tender dewy mimose in the heart, which is blended with watery note of lotus and an interesting accord of linen sail of a yacht. It's a nice 70 degrees, the wind is blowing and feels cool but not cold on your skin, and you inhale and take in all the scents of your surroundings, including the ocean, the trees behind you, and the fresh summer air. The green apple and florescent notes make a refreshing, sweet fragrance that is fresh, but not feminine.The composition is laid on a woody base, combined of cedar, moss, musk and amber. I wouldn't call it necessarily a super masculine scent like some woody muskbomb, but it's definitely very cool, refreshing, and people will notice you.

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