Fresax cam

So we’re going to try making the pants out of the wrong-side raw silk and see how it looks.

Boots I got the screen accurate boots from Po-Zu (courtesy of a kind boyfriend taking pity on me for having to use the money I had saved up for the boots on medical bills). No exaggeration, they are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn in my life.

Upon viewing The Force Awakens for a second time, I realized that the top of Rey’s hair is actually braided (or pulled back into a mini tail). One interesting thing to note is that the sleeves of the undershirt are two different styles.

I’m not sure if it extends farther than the top piece. Undershirt I bought the Hemp Jersey cotton fabric from Dharma Trading. Alas, I do not know enough about sewing to know what the different techniques are called to achieve the effect (I’ve heard the term “lettuce hem” thrown around a few times).

🙂 Since I’m a linear thinker, I’ll be starting from the top in updating both my progress and observations for Rey.

But the rugged outside made out of all natural materials (seriously! Cuff I bought a wonderful looking cuff from the folks at Leather Clad Legends. They’re smooth and have a sort of crepe feel to them.Alas, I haven’t been able to find a suitable alternative yet.As a new leaf has turned over this year, I think it’s high time for an update on my Rey costume.Alas, I am nowhere as far along as I would like (perfectionism has it’s drawbacks sometimes).

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