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It was dark, and I wouldn't have been able to see them if they were. A few glasses of wine and a nice meal in a respectable establishment.A sluttier part of me, always so well hidden from the world, hoped that they had. He was his usual kind and courteous self- almost flirting with the male waiter, despite never a more heterosexual man having lived in existence.

At least I thought no one had- who knew if a neighbour just happened to be looking out of the window?

His hands had already rose to my neck before he'd properly reached me, and with a grip that always managed to somehow be so strong and yet so caressing, he pushed me to the wall which was situated just behind me.

His body pressed against mine, and he pinned me so very still- like a shelf he was ready to nail to the wall.

I always dressed this way in front of him, and always in a way I'd never dress alone.

Whilst wearing my knickers and bra, and occasionally some silky stockings that stopped shy of my thighs, I'd stand in front of the mirror and apply a 'come kiss me' shade of red lipstick to my lips, and the usual cosmetics to the eyes he'd often complimented.

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