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Materia works in strange ways, once I gave a patient Antimony Crudum for some ailment but in hours his rock like tennis ball like hanging tumor under his eyes was gone in some hours. He went to hundreds of homeopathys for the treatment of tumor but gave up.

When I gave him antimony crudum I didn’t have that tumor in my mind.

But for the benefit of all the members and to encourage further discussion, i have started a new thread and pasted it here.

Rajiv Dear Joe, First of all, let me express my admiration for you as a compassionate human being.

With warm regards to Joe and everyone else, Rajiv Report post to moderator Re: Why ‘Joepathy’ works in many cases From Hahnemania on 2006-10-15 Very well put Rajiv, and on all your points regarding why these remedies are sometimes curative, or seem to help, I couldn’t agree more. Report post to moderator Re: Why ‘Joepathy’ works in many cases From bandarbabu2000 on 2006-10-15 Now, Joepathy as a seperate therapy is declared officially, and we shouldn’t have any hesitation in letting people choose it if they want, among so many other therapies like, Aurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, Unani, Chinese, Herbal. Phos for all most all ailments on this earth, with antibiotic gels, and medicines added sometimes.

I am sure google will pickup this word soon,if not already done so. Murthy Report post to moderator Re: Why ‘Joepathy’ works in many cases From bandarbabu2000 on 2006-10-15 Hi I just googled it and got 1-6 links displayed out of a total of 39. Murthy Report post to moderator Re: Why ‘Joepathy’ works in many cases From rajivprasad on 2006-10-15 Dear Jacob, Thanks for your appreciation.

I am sure you may remember that i have appreciated your efforts in the past too.

But in the example above cited, the patient was cured by a dose of Pulsatilla 200 which you had suggested. I have for long thought to share some of my thoughts on why your prescriptions appear to work in a number of cases. Arnica, as everyone knows is the number one remedy for the shock of a trauma, whether the trauma is physical or mental.

I asked him to take the wet dose of Arnica 30 and to apply Arnica Q dilution externally. So yes, your self proving of Arnica is valuable to the homeopathic community, but more care should be taken in prescribing. This causes the fat which was generated to store the toxins in the first place, to be released and dissolved. Colombo is near the sea and hence the high rate of success in curing asthma cases there with Nat Sulph.Pulsatilla is one of the main remedies in homeopathy for the rubric “worse by heat”, and hence cured. The reason is that it has a tendency to increase the flow of oxygen to the site of trauma.It was simple homeopathy and not ‘Joepathy’, which i believe is associated with Arnica, Nat. In case of physical trauma, to the site of injury, and in case of mental shock, to the affected part of the brain.What is happening in your case is that due to your old age (which causes poor oxygenation due to old age) and your hard working routine (which must be causing a lot of internal wear and tear at the cellular level), Arnica acts like a kind of ‘superficial similimum’ and tones you up so to speak ensuring nice sleep etc. Parimal Banerjee (one of the greatest homeopaths that India has ever produced with the world record of having treated over 1.5 million people in his time) recommends for high blood pressure. Arnica naturally pushes the blood flow, and causes the heart to relax a bit in confirmed cases of hypertension. But it works on the Schussler’s biochemic principle. An enhanced acid level in the body indicates that a great portion of the sugar metabolism in the body is taking place via fermentation which is due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria in very high quantities.In such cases, hypertension is the disease condition to which Arnica acts as a ‘superficial similimum’. But why does it in some cases cause a reduction in weight loss? These bacteria generate a high toxic load which teh liver is then unable to process out of the body.

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