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Once you are finished, you will get an emailed page including the ticket.

You can print it out and simply hand it to the cinema usher at the entry;if you don't print out the ticket, then you have to wait 15-30mins in the queue (with the same credit card for ID) to have them issue printed tickets.

Traceroute dies in Connect's network (AAPT nowadays).

whois lookup also shows the domain is registered to someone else.

You also need to enable Java / Active X scripting, or the pull down menus won't work.The ignored my question as to how can there be a "normal" delay when I paid a few hours apart one with c/card and one with paypal and I never got the automatic email from the paypal one, support had to email me the tickets.Its not scam, just something broken with the way they process paypal transactions.The tickets did not arrive and I have spent hours trying to resolve the issue with emails and phone calls so I ended up lodging a dispute with Paypal – Always use paypal where you can because of the dispute feature :-) TLC marketing, the company who handle the Optus yes tickets, have our money sitting in their bank account earning interest.They finally got back to me claiming their system overloaded due to high volume (so that is a lot of money sitting in their bank account over the last week, with many folks not getting their tickets) Strangely enough this claimed "system error" just had to happen over the xmas break, forcing people to pay for the vouchers and then pay full price for the movie when the vouchers did not arrive, thus paying more to see the movie over the break.

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