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It's not as though I'm a proper artist, famous or professional.

You can't really expect people to sit still for ages while you stare at them. Gran died on my birthday.' Her lower eyelids brimmed and glistened; she wiped with the back of her hand, and dark streaks appeared. I could hug her, but not you of course.' 'No, that would be inappropriate touching. I wish he was here, I could do with a hug.' 'You shouldn't really say things like that to a stranger.

Actually, I think I might remember seeing a funeral. I am not an angel, but I am not in the least bit bad either, not in a nasty sense. Look to your left at the cemetery gate and it's a door between a Pizza caff and an estate agent.

If I have scared you off for life, then I do apologise. I would really like to see you again and I can assure you that at my age I am not shockable!

He couldn't use his real one, because he and Polly had mailed each other a few times two years ago and she would find out who he really was. He tried XXXXX with the same result, but he was offered XXXXX1372, which he accepted. First I want to thank you for being so trusting and kind to me. Actually I really want to thank you for chatting to me, you cheered me up a lot especially when you said I was beautiful (which I am not! Because it is Gran's anniversary I am feeling a bit sad.

I hope you understand, my angel.' # When he got back to his flat he turned on his PC and thought about his e-mail address. He tried to set up a new mail account as XXXXXX, but it already existed. I bust up with my boyfriend after Gran died and that also means I don't see my old gang of friends any more, in fact I have to work to avoid them, so I don't have many people to talk to about stuff.

I'll look after her like a granddad, not like before when I didn't know who she was.

copperygirl: (32) I won't go into details, but you surely missed out by not being around at the time.

Tim Bloomfield put a sketchbook, soft pencils, stanley knife, eraser and pens into a plastic carrier bag, walked carefully down the stairs from his flat, let himself out of his front door tucked between a pizza restaurant and an estate agent, and crossed the road under a hot June sun to the entrance of Reading old cemetery. Her hair was dark brown, eyes black, and lips vermilion; high cheekbones. ' 'I like to draw people, but I don't really have the opportunity. I'll google him.' 'You should.' 'It's my birthday today. I have a granddaughter, so I think I feel a bit protective. I'm twenty-one.' 'Ah ...' 'D'you draw people, or just cemeteries? I would have thought you'd have heard of him.' 'I'm not very well educated. Sorry, I shouldn't talk to you like this, I'm embarrassing you.' 'No, you're not, but you make me feel a bit awkward. Gran always said you have to trust people as long as they seem OK.' 'Do you think I seem OK? You'll never believe this, but she is only 5ft 3 and cuddly and very fem. The shock when she pulled a gun was awesome and she does martial! XX copperygirl: (32) Aaaaaw you're so sweet as always!

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