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The unusual property, which has no right angles, hit the market on Thursday following a two-year restoration that put a contemporary spin on its ’70s style.

One of history’s greatest musicians owned one of history’s greatest Caribbean estates—and now it can be yours at a deep discount.

Durst also made an appearance on Korn's album Follow the Leader.

Jonathan Davis had intended to write a battle rap with B-Real of Cypress Hill, but the latter's label wouldn't let him do it, and Durst was tapped instead.

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On October 23, 1997, Durst met the band Staind, but friction quickly emerged between the two over the cover art of Staind's album.At the age of 12, Durst took an interest in breakdancing, hip hop, punk rock and heavy metal. Leaving the Navy after just two years, Durst moved to Jacksonville where he worked as a landscaper and a tattoo artist while developing an idea for a band that combined elements of rock and hip hop.In 1994, Durst, Malachi Sage bassist Sam Rivers, and Rivers' cousin John Otto jammed together and wrote three songs. Durst named the band Limp Bizkit because he wanted a name that would repel listeners.Robby Krieger, 72, commissioned the single-story hexagonal mansion in Bel Air in the late 1960s.He lived there with his family though the 1970s, when it served as a watering hole for the rock ‘n’ roll scene of the time.

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