Fossil dating problems

“People have to understand where their money is being spent,” said Ernesto Burbank, one of the protesters who was locked to a secondary entrance.

“It’s being used by companies to desecrate our lands even more.”Burbank identified himself as a member of the Navajo tribe, which is located in the American West, primarily in Arizona and New Mexico. “I know a lot of these people by names and faces,” Tusken said, adding that they had a right to protest provided they did so peaceably.

The site yielded more than 1,500 bone fragments, an astonishing number in a field that often celebrates the identification of a single tooth.

The skeleton had been found right around the time Charles Darwin published (1859), and its vaguely human appearance suggested it had the potential to illuminate the human past, but only if it were truly ancient.

Some scientists suggested the Neanderthal was an ape-like ancestor or belonged to an ancient European race.

“We respect all those engaging in the conversation surrounding fossil fuel exploration and development as well as renewable and alternative energy.”The arrested men were lodged on 12-hour holds at the St.

Louis County Jail, Duluth police reported in a news release, and face misdemeanor charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

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