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We all have are own ethics, morals, viewpoints and we simply cannot agree on all of them, and some things fall into extreme categories and are dealbreakers.

And what she did falls into the extreme category and can indeed affect her life in negative ways she cannot foresee right now.

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She felt that that as a feminist, this was her way of taking a stand against male oppression (!

elena Your daughter has a mistaken and immature notion of an employers obligation ''not to discriminate.'' You may not discriminate based on a protected class of traits, you can absolutely choose not to hire an otherwise qualified candidate based on a work history that includes pornography, and make no mistake there are plenty of jobs that will not be available to someone who has been in porn (e.g.

anything requiring a security clearance, anything involved with working with children, professions that value character, etc.).

), that she had many friends who did this and she really wanted to do it.

When I brought up the point of how these photos could be out in the world for anyone to see and could affect her future jobs, etc., she said that it was illegal to discriminate and that anyone who would judge her, should they see the photos, was judgmental and she wouldn't want much to do with them.

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