Eva mendes dating jason sudeikis sending a online dating message

Jason helped her carry the bags and box to her car — a black Lexus SUV,” the source says.”At one point he had his arm around her.”Adds our first insider, “They skipped the after party which was held in Santa Monica and went straight to the Sunset Tower Bar where they grabbed a bite to eat.Sudeikis moved to New York from his home state of Kansas in 2003 with then-girlfriend Kay Cannon, who became a writer and producer for “30 Rock,” when he scored a behind-the-scenes writing job on “SNL.” The couple married in 2004, and Sudeikis graduated to full cast member on the show in 2006.The couple would perform improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and Sudeikis appeared as a recurring character on his wife’s show, playing Liz Lemon’s lovable soul mate, Floyd.They lasted six months — but four months after they split, Jones announced she was pregnant and left the dad’s identity a mystery.

“He’s a nice, normal guy from Kansas who plays basketball, and his job is to be hilarious and entertaining,” said Rachel Sklar, who has hung out with “SNL” cast members and written extensively about the show.

Sudeikis then stumbles in on Black Swan's Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis getting passionate, finds James Franco trapped in a canyon from 127 Hours and chats to Justin Timberlake - as Sean Parker - in The Social Network over the phone.

The star - who has been in a relationship with George Augusto for nine years - says she is so hopeless in the kitchen so relies on restaurant food and home deliveries to ensure she gets the nourishment she needs, when she's not biting off Taylor Lautner's fingers, that is.

The couple met while filming a promo for the MTV Movie Awards last June.

Sudeikis first stepped out with Wilde in December, and since then she’s accompanied him to “SNL” after-parties and to a Kansas Jayhawks hoops game.

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