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The problem, as seen in this case, is that some updates themselves are buggy.So forcing updates on Windows 10 users is a policy with definite pitfalls.On a Microsoft Windows forum, other users wrote about their trouble trying to install the update.One user said the update fails and the PC reboots every single time.Temporarily disabling your antivirus software and firewalls often works to cease the network time outs.I can’t give specific instructions for this because there are so many different types of antivirus and firewalls out there, but it’s usually just a matter of finding the program in question and disabling it.Obviously, once the i OS update has been run successfully, you’ll want to re-enable the firewall or antivirus.This seems to be more effective for Windows users, but sometimes just uninstalling i Tunes and re-installing the latest version is enough to resolve network connection errors.

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Microsoft has rolled out a major new update for Windows 10 that's causing headaches for some users.

The old version of i Tunes might be creating trouble.

Hence, upgrade it to the newest version and then try to carry out your task. Next up, you have to enter the password which you use to sign into your computer.

After failing, the initial installation writes a bad entry to the Registry that prevents further attempts to reinstall the update correctly.

Forbes suggests a workaround to the problem, which is also documented on the Windows forum thread.

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