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In 1897, Keynes won a scholarship to Eton College, where he displayed talent in a wide range of subjects, particularly mathematics, classics and history.

At Eton, Keynes experienced the first "love of his life" in Dan Macmillan, older brother of the future Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

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The magazine said: 'Though she is in a different class from Mr Corbyn, there are also doubts about her leadership.'She wanted the election campaign to establish her as a ''strong and stable'' prime minister.

By 1894, Keynes was top of his class and excelling at mathematics.

In 1896, St Faith's headmaster, Ralph Goodchild, wrote that Keynes was "head and shoulders above all the other boys in the school" and was confident that Keynes could get a scholarship to Eton.

Keynes was the first born, and was followed by two more children – Margaret Neville Keynes in 1885 and Geoffrey Keynes in 1887.

Geoffrey became a surgeon and Margaret married the Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Archibald Hill.

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