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Granted, simply scanning everything is probably the safest thing to do, but in most cases in my work it's unnecessary.

As mentioned, I usually run these tools from a known good system, pointing the tools to an external USB caddy that holds the infected drive.

Offline scanners are great but they don't always find everything.) Are there any other offline scanners which allow you to choose which drives to scan, while leaving others alone?

Obviously free is best but I wouldn't mind paying for something outstanding.

The results are below, listed in no particular order.

The ones are the ones I may start using regularly during AV operations.

When I download a file from my email account or even from Mozilla plug-ins updates, the file is set to go to a specific location under Firefox Tools/Options/General Tab.

If I right-click during the download and select "Open Containing Folder", it shows that it is going to that location.

Currently we're using ESET, Malware Bytes, EMSISoft, and Microsoft Security Essentials (the active AV on the workbench PC).

These tools include Adw Cleaner, JRT, Combo Fix and whatever else might be needed for a thorough cleaning.

I may add some of the tools listed above that don't allow drive selection.

I guess I will try each to see what options are available for running, and report back here.

I know that the Sophos doesn't appear to allow any customization (unless I'm missing something somewhere). Using Quiet Man7's suggested list of additional tools, I've tested the following, with results listed accordingly.

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