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Her trademark dress of a long-sleeved black dress with a lacey overlay is almost startling in this era where most female singers strut onstage in tight and degradingly revealing outfits. “I don't make music for eyes, I make music for ears,” she has said.

Watching her perform, she seems intensely focused on the music, sometimes turning the mic toward her audience and inviting them to continue singing a song, a sudden chorus of thousands.

She has a retinue of staff to ensure her make-up, hair and gowns are perfect before she goes onstage.

I believe that her mega-stardom is related at least in part to her choice to emphasize her inner beauty over that of her body, and to flout the conventional wisdom about how a woman “should” look.

In revealing so much skin, they hide their true inner essence.

The public image that Adele has developed is in some ways quintessentially Jewish.

Naturally, as a star Adele cannot ignore her looks.Working in an industry with unforgiving standards for physical beauty and insane and degrading competition for who is the sexiest performer today, perhaps those performers feel they have no choice.But how ironic is it that these women, nearly all of whom would probably call themselves feminists, allow themselves to be objectified by their clothing?Adele (Adkins) was born in north London to working-class parents. Growing up, she was obsessed with the voices of emotive singers, especially Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, huge stars in the 1940’s and ‘50s.At 14, she attended the BRIT performing arts school, uploading demos to her My Space page.

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