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Farrar, Straus and Giroux is delighted to publish a new edition of this classic work.

Fitzgerald's supple verse is ideally suited to the story of Odysseus' long journey back to his wife and home after the Trojan War.

The Iliad is one of the two great epics of Homer, and is typically described as one of the greatest war stories of all time, but to say the Iliad is a war story does not begin to describe the emotional sweep of its action and characters: Achilles, Helen, Hector, and other heroes of Greek myth and history in the tenth and final year of the Greek siege of Troy. Peter Meineck and Paul Woodruff's collaboration on this new translation combines the strengths that have recently distinguished both as translators of Greek tragedy: expert knowledge of the Greek and of the needs of the teaching classicist, intimate knowledge of theatre, and an excellent ear for the spoken word.

Their Molière understood profoundly what makes us noble, pathetic, outrageous and funny, and in his splendid comedies satirized human folly to perfection.

This is one of the few books on writing essays that is actually well written, brief and funny, explains the structure of an essay visually.

The author demonstrates how the correct format works to make your essay answer the questions that a reader might have about a topic and explain your point of view clearly.

Virgil's Aeneid is as eternal as Rome itself, a sweeping epic of arms and heroism – the searching portrait of a man caught between love and duty, human feeling and the force of fate – that has influenced writers for over 2,000 years.It concerns the adventures of the youthful Candide, disciple of Dr. In the course of his travels and adventures in Europe and South America, Candide saw and suffered such misfortune that it was difficult for him to believe this was "the best of all possible worlds" as Dr. This Candide book was translated and edited by Robert M Adams.This luminous anthology brings together great poets from around the world whose work transcends culture and time.Alongside its themes of family, friendship and the duties of kings, the Epic of Gilgamesh is, above all, about mankind's eternal struggle with the fear of death.The personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything but.

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