Dating services in phila

The Fiddler on the Roof version of a matchmaker, or shadchan, has set up singles in the Jewish community for centuries - and still does.While there's no official shadchan in Philadelphia's small Orthodox community, Debbie Unger and her husband, Rabbi Moshe Unger, serve as unofficial matchmakers in their Elkins Park temple, the Etz Chaim Center.But sifting through e-mails and date requests can soon become a full-time job.

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"About 50 to 60 percent of the marriages we have arranged wouldn't have happened if people had seen pictures first," Ferone said.Ferone started Great Date Now after his experience using He knows online dating can be successful - he met his wife seven years ago on Match - but he remembers meeting women who lied about their age and who weren't interested in long-term relationships.She also liked the second man she was set up with, but he lived a bit too far away, in northern New Jersey.Online dating sites have huge databases of singles to choose from and are generally low-cost.

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