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"We hope will help find more folks meet and hopefully find new partners," chief product officer Chris Cox said. This summer, as part of the company's push into virtual reality, you'll be able to add 3D photos to Facebook.Details were sparse during today's keynote, but essentially you'll be able to snap a photo with your smartphone and upload it to Facebook as a 3D photo.At the very least, you’ll be a lot less likely to get catfished on Face Date.

Other Facebook enhancements include a new Groups tab for the Facebook app, which will help you manage the groups you belong to and discover new ones that match your interests, and the ability to share from other apps into the Stories feature on Facebook and Instagram.

But as it works to improve how it safeguards user data, Facebook needs to continue delivering new and improved products that are in line with its mission of connecting people, Zuckerberg said.

"We need to do more to keep people safer, and we will," Zuckerberg said.

"But we also need to keep building and bringing the world closer together." In terms of keeping people safer, Zuckerberg outlined the steps the company is taking to protect election integrity, using artificial intelligence to identify fake accounts and instituting new rules for ad transparency.

Zuckerberg also recapped Facebook's efforts to cut down on fake and misleading news from filling your Facebook feed.

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