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"The more I climbed the more I had the courage to climb up higher, that's it.” Video of a man rescuing a 4-year-old child in France went viral Monday. LDS Living Staff - At age 22, Mariama Kallon was hearing rumors of something dark in her country.“There are rebels,” the villagers in Sierra Leone would cry as they fled from their homes toward the cities.Here is one beautiful story from an LDS convert about how her culture helped her embrace the Book of Mormon.Long ago in the Karen culture (in Burma), the history has been told of three books that were lost.

"When you’re in a team environment, I couldn’t imagine how difficult internally it would’ve been for Young knowing how selfless he is." Melbourne Storm star Young Tonumaipea will leave the club to undertake a two-year Mormon mission in Berlin.

But your knowledge of the plan of salvation and the unchangeableness of God will sustain you. The environment in which Jeremiah preached was one rife with political intrigue and implications.... ” While my brain was filled with fearful thoughts about the future, the advice I’d received from my therapist reminded me that I need to calm down and realize that it was my...

Yvonne Liu - After changing my major three times in college, I was sold on journalism as my career goal. KSL - “At least they know she is in a better place, not going through the hell that happened to her that day,” Ed Smart said of Elizabeth Salgado's family after the returned missionary's body was found in Provo Canyon.

The Storm winger will give up more than 0,000 in salary and the last year and a half on his contract... Lund, "Divine Signatures" - While touring the Switzerland Geneva Mission in December 2003, my wife and I had an interesting experience.

It is another example of how we learn by faith and how the witness comes after the trial of our faith.

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