Dating gemini man

Be prepared to let your Gemini guy take center stage at social occasions and have all the spotlight on him.The harsh reality of dating a Gemini is that their mantra might as well be "anything you can do I can do better." All strong relationships are about being equals, so do mention to him that you don't always feel like taking a backseat.So with all this extra cash they are making, will they be spending it on you? As much as they love making money, they love keeping it too.They are excellent savers to the point of being frugal but they do always splash out on the big events like a home or a long holiday.This behaviour usually comes from a place of insecurity.If you feed him plenty of compliments and comment on his achievements then over time he should change for the better.Exploring new locations, checking out a new bar that's opened, or enjoying an evening at home cooking a brand new recipe will help him to fall head over heels in love with you.After all, when you are dating Gemini you are technically dated many different personalities all at once.

In their eyes, they are always going to be young at heart as he lives in his own dream world.They are so familiar with being the star of the show that they might not even be aware of it.Alongside needing the spotlight, Gemini guys also like to talk - a lot.Naturally Gemini guys get bored very easily so they are constantly taking off for a new adventure.They will never be far from their passport and always ready to jet off at a moments notice. If he promised to be at your Aunt's 50th birthday, then at the very last moment announces he's travelling out of state - really don't be surprised.

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