Dating culture in puerto rico

One of the sports which the Taíno's played was a ball game called "Batey".

The "Batey" was played in "U" shaped fields two teams, however unlike the ball games of the modern era, the winners were treated like heroes and the losers were sacrificed.

Originally populated for centuries by indigenous aboriginal peoples known as Taínos, the island was claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain during his second voyage to the Americas. Its official languages are Spanish and English, with Spanish being the primary language.

Due to its location, Puerto Rico enjoys a tropical climate and also experiences the Atlantic hurricane season. Since 1947, Puerto Ricans have been able to elect their own governor.Puerto Rico (Spanish for “rich port”) comprises an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands, the largest of which are Vieques, Culebra, and Mona.The main island of Puerto Rico is the smallest by land area of the Greater Antilles.So Santiago and Soa Vicente did not produce the majority of the population they just have the majority of the transplants.Typical scene in Praia, Santiago a mix of natives and transplants: Also Sikeliot said the cape verdean immigrants here are from the blackest islands.

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