Dating an epiphone les paul guitar

Epiphone was another successful guitar manufacturer during the first half of the 20th century.But after the hardships of World War II, illnesses and death in the Epiphone family, and severe labor issues at the Epiphone factory in the ’50s, the company found themselves falling behind.It also became apparent to me that many people don’t really know the difference between Gibson and Epiphone, or how the two fit together.Is Gibson always considered a treasure and is an imported Epiphone always considered trash? Gibson has been building guitars since 1894 and the name is generally synonymous with a quality, valuable, and great-playing guitar.It is a 7 digit serial number, but [COLOR="Red"]according to what is typically indicated my 7 digit # indicates it was made in the 20th month, and this isn't possible.The serial # indicates it is made by Sammick, and a sticker on the neck states "Made In Korea".In 1970, Gibson decided to move all Epiphone production from the US to Japan, and since then, nearly all Epiphones have been produced in various Asian countries.

There is no mention of where the guitars are actually made.When the guitar boom of the ’60s slowed toward the end of that decade, every guitar manufacturer felt the pinch.Gibson was no different, and they were struggling to keep Epiphone alive.They have also used the brand for some higher-end guitars including their Elitist and Masterbilt Series.A few Epiphones are still made in the US at Gibson’s factory.

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