Dating across political lines

We must discern between sin and culture differences.

We can affirm and celebrate cultural differences, but not sin.

It would be helpful for us to regularly pray these Scriptures for ourselves and our counselees.

God’s answer to these prayers will help us to temper a compassionate heart with words of truth.

We must not allow secular tolerance to confuse areas of liberty with a justification for sin!

A culture of relativism is described in the third and fourth chapters of 2 Timothy.

Paul counsels Timothy to live a counter-cultural life and proclaim the all-sufficient Scriptures in response to the secular culture.

Additionally, I speak on (g)race rather than race relations.

The grace of God leads me to humility and compassion with an uncompromising commitment to the transformational truths of grace. We realize that the transformational power of grace is resident in God alone.

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