Dating a young bald guy

I walk around with the bare head and don't let it stop me from well anything really.

It's just that I've never had a legitimate girlfriend and seeing guys who say they were magnets say they now get nothing with no hair seems to put me in a bad place for the future.

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I'm 32 and i am slowly starting to have a friar tuck. I knew a guy who went grey on part of his hair at 17 ... women tend to care less about a guy's looks than we care about theirs.

My hope is those guys are guys who relied on their own hair and looks too much and the successful bald guys are too busy living than writing on some hairloss forum.

Also I do keep myself busy but more with one big activity; I'm being trained as a skydiver, already have a basic license, and am being trained to take people on tandem jumps, once I get my intermediates I'll be one of the youngest in my state so I do have that going for me.

My step cousins were all mostly bald by their senior year in high school and I can tell you they had no trouble what so ever landing a girlfriend. On of my step cousins was a football player, the other in the drama club and did a lot of musicals and dancing routines at school and had girls crawling all over them at all times.

If a girl doesn't want to date you just because you are bald or balding then that is not the girl for you.

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