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He then survived by fishing and killed a deer with his pistol.After regaining some of his strength tried to make it to civilization, during which time, he nearly drowned in the Kings River, before stumbling upon a pack-train guide who took him by horse to civilization.

In the meantime, Clinton Hester, the father of the co-pilot, Robert Hester in the first missing plane began a private search for his son that would last for the next 14 years.After a thorough search without success, the Air Force declared the 23-year-old pilot officially dead. Guant and dressed in tattered and filthy clothing, he had made his way to a camp in the backcountry of Kings Canyon National Park, east of Fresno, California.He described that when something in the plane exploded he briefly black out, but came to in time to eject from the plane, badly injuring both ankles when he landed.Though clearly a brave man, there were some who questioned his story due to his disappearance occurring in the midst of the Cold War and because no remains of his plane could be found.It wasn’t until 1977 that Boy Scouts found the canopy of his jet, but the plane’s wreckage has never been found. Lydon parachuted to safety after his Army fighter squadron got lost over the mountains.

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