Dating a non talker

We not only shared the same kink but the same intensity for it? We flirted for months and months, occasionally talking about our mutual love of spanking and domination, but in the one very intense month after he said he wanted to break up with Rachel to be with me, domination and submission “play” consumed us. Then doing it over IM, email, phone and text message.

Ben wanted dominance and submission “play,” all the time? Much of the non-sexual domination “play” with Ben was just a shift of our regular friendship: We’d talk about the stuff we’d usually talk about, but he would take a more dominant role, sternly issuing instructions.

For example, I had a co-worker who was experiencing some difficulties and being the naturally hyper-anxious person that I am, I’d fret all the time about the fate of her job. But there was the more obvious domination “play” component: As part of our “play,” I would ask him permission to do lots of things.

“Don’t worry about her; it’s not your responsibility. I told him about all the kinds of bras and panties in my drawers and each morning he’d tell me which ones to wear, which I would send him in a photo. I would ask him if I could watch a movie or if I had to work on writing a freelance article more.

And much of our IM chats and emails were dirty talk about future spanking “punishments” to come: He would promise I’d be spanked 10 times for this or that infraction.) I can’t explain to you how all-consumingly liberating it felt to know of the time, like Jason and I had engaged in, aroused me more than I had ever felt before.So, back to Ben: when he revealed to me that he got off from being dominant, I felt like I’d found the golden ticket. Ben and I weren’t just friends who became attracted to each other; we were both extremely, extremely interested in exploring sexual roles as a dom (him) and a sub (me). Thirty seconds later, a text message: “Very nice.” Then I knew I could leave for work. But I haven’t been totally forthcoming about the nature of our relationship.

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