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A few months later, on July 4, he released his 9-track first album Rebel Music as a free download.

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I wanted to know if volcanic ash deposits found in the geologic record are most useful in correlating the age of rock layers if the volcanic ash was distributed over a large area during a short period of time or large area during a long period of time I was thinking over a long period of time because it helps more with determining a rocks age. dating sediments using volcanic ash layer) is specifically its instantaneity (relatively to geological timescale of course). An example would be the Kawakawa/Oruanui tephra from New Zealand which is a good isochronous marker bed at 26.5 ka, spread over 1500km, but represents probably only a few months of volcanic activity (see e. Manville & Wilson 2006) Important factors vis-à-vis the usefulness of a specific ash layer however are its geographical extent (a volcanic event that will spread an ash layer over a whole basin would be more useful in that it will be used to correlate a large number of sites together) and maybe its volume (you need a minimum amount of material to work with, I'll assume).

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