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I’d like to start off by saying, in general, I’m not a romantic.

Despite my young age, I’m somewhat jaded because of my previous experiences with love and long-term relationships.

While it is important to be understanding and mindful of your partner’s culture, your comfort is also important.

Communication is key in any relationship, but particularly when your partner is from outside your own culture.

Often these lovely moments and memories of love and lust are tainted once you return to the real world (your home country or residence) and are still infatuated with or holding onto something or someone you met…

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There are different standards and etiquette for dating in different cultures; this means there are even more potential misunderstandings in dating, sex and love (great, as if these things weren’t complicated enough ).There’s a lot of romance in travel, all the new places and people… I’ve come to realize that I may actually be addicted to the romance of travel… I’ve experienced a lot whilst abroad; this includes a lot about the world, cultures, and… I’ve dated, had flings, and even *dare I say* fallen in love, overseas.Although my experiences are all my own (and I don’t claim that my experiences necessarily reflect those of others), I’ve found some overlap amongst my own experiences.What follows is a list of five things I’ve learned about dating, sex, and love with foreign men in my home country as well as men I’ve met while living and traveling abroad.It is absolutely possible to be hopelessly, swept off your feet by a lad whilst abroad; however, I’ve found that unless you have relocated for a reasonable amount of time, sometimes it’s better if you leave some things unsaid and just live in the moment, preserve the memory.

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