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If you dont take yourself off, you will continue to receive annoying emails from me.Since extras credit points count as full points, it is best to take advantage of every opportunity to gain extra points. Rather, exams are returned in class, generally by the next or the second class after the exam. Unannounced quizzes MAY be given from time to time as a means of testing student knowledge and providing an opportunity for additional points.For all purposes, and unless notified otherwise, the grading scale is 100-94 A, 93-90 A-, 89-87 B , 86-84 B, 83-80 B-, 79-77 C , 76-74 C, 73-70 C-, 69-65 D, 64 and below, F. Quizzes are generally worth ten points, and I don't generally give more than two per quarter, if that many. Make sure to sign it in class, as I have no satisfactory way of knowing if you were really here if you forget and try to prove it later (friends can give you notes and/or swear you were there...).Sign up to the listserv by sending an email to [email protected] the subject of the email subscribe 4400DBA Your Name . Notice there is no space between 4400 and DBA and there is a space between the A and your name.

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