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The production, directed by Bartlett Sher, waltzes into the London Palladium for a season from June 21, 2018 (as this column was first to reveal).It was a sensational success in New York, where it ran for 16 months until June last year.Then I go away and work on making my characterisation more convincing.’Pattinson likes to disappear in a role, but Good Time is the real deal — a first-class disappearing act where he’s unrecognisable in a film that he totally dominates with a powerful, convincing performance. Good Time was shown in Cannes back in May, but Pattinson was terrified before he arrived there.

It’s completely insane, which is fun.‘We’re filming in Cologne and there are French and German crew and producers and there’s a lot of culture clash which I’m enjoying.’It’s a pity that I don’t write reviews for the local paper in Barnes any more (I did about 100 years ago) because I would happily have told readers that their lad did good in Good Time.It’s where he went to school, did a paper round and attended the local drama group, after which the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises propelled him to a kind of stardom he disdains.He can’t escape those movies, even though over the past few years he has done his strongest work in a string of what he terms ‘provocative’ films.He fared better working in a car wash and he’d pop into a corner shop to purchase items in character.‘I’d play around with words and you can tell instinctively whether people are buying what you’re saying.

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