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Others will erroneously cite statistics linking single motherhood to a variety of potential social ills for their children.A single woman may even have to develop a newfound courage to conquer her own inner demons and alleviate her own previously-held thoughts and beliefs about adoption.Birth mothers are more likely to select couples over singles for their babies in domestic adoptions, and age is a greater consideration for most agencies.Single women often pursue motherhood for the same reasons married women do.Instead, advocates for adoption by unmarried women believe that an individual's character, strength, and potential parenting capacity are better considered in providing a child with an adoptive home.For many men dating a single mom is like navigating a busy street in a foreign country.They cite the same need and desire to love and nurture a child of their own.

The past few decades have brought a remarkable increase in the number of families headed by single mothers.

After investing so much financially and personally infertility treatments or traveling around the world to finalize the legalities of an international adoption, both married and single adoptive parents may struggle with high expectations and transitions to sharing their lives with a child.

Single mothers can feel guilt and shame when they long for moments of solitude and the independence of their former single lives.

As she makes the transition into her new role as a mother, the guidance and information gathered from others who have already traveled this road alone can assist in watching out for and begin aware of known potholes and barriers.

It is not reasonable to assume that all married couples will stay married, nor should it be presumed that all single women will remain forever single.

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