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\ he asked her.\Thank you Daddy\ she said.\Good girl\ he said.

\Now suck my dick clean and let\'s go back to the house.\With that, my cousin and I began to sneak away from the barn and ran across the pasture to a dried creek bed that was at the edge of the property.

As I look back on these stories I\'ve written I realize what a screwed up life I have lived.

But sex, anal sex and incest is still part of my life and I enjoy it.

Now he settled into a rhythm and began to really fuck the shit out of her.

She laid there for a few seconds and then her expression began to change and her vocal expression began to change and then her expression began to change. Her total behavior changed and she began to start to moan and groan and move her hips like she was getting to appreciate this some now.

When we got there we both slumped down on the ground with our backs to the wall of the creek.\WOW\ said my cousin. That old man has the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. He opened his zipper and drew out a long but not too thick dick and began to stroke it. \Yeah, \he said \ My mom takes me to the shed and buttfucks me every now and then. Every now and then she\'ll suck me after she has fucked me and I really like that.\ he said as he stroked his dick slowly and cupped his balls.\Man, I ain\'t ever seen someone get fucked like that though.\he said.\You ever got buttfucked or anything like that.

She took it right up the ass.\ He must have had a better view than I had but I figured that\'s where she was getting it. And so began a long conversation about me and my step mother. He was spent and I knew it so I gave him some time to recover. It didn\'t take very long for me to build up to my climax.

I grabbed my cousin by the shoulder and started dragging him towards the barn.He picked up his pace and really began to fuck her hard and rammed his large dick into her like there was no tomorrow. It scared me just a little because all of a sudden I was afraid someone would look out of the window and maybe see us looking through the knotholes.After looking around I didn\'t see anyone and looked back and saw him stiffen up and groan a little and stab that big fat dick in her once more.\What do you say, girl?At 60 years old I\'m not as horny as I was at 18 or 19 but she still plays with my ass and now I can buy toys at adult book stores for her.(our latest and greatest is the 10 inch 4 inch across black dick I purchased about 10 months ago.

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