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While it is true that you may have fewer credit card options – there are still some providers that will issue you a new card.A suitable credit card that is popular in North America, yet what my research tells me is that it is not available in Australia at this time – is Secured credit card.Being able to stay on top of these payments can help you rebuild your credit and get your finances back on track.Ultimately, cards can be highly beneficial to individuals trying to recover their credit scores, and after a year or so of making consistent payments and responsible credit card management, credit card users will find more options open up to them and they can apply for unsecured credit.The CIBC bank offers a card that is geared towards individuals who need to begin establishing their credit.

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For example, low interest credit cards and low annual fees cards.This is also typically not enough of a financial foundation to apply for other types of cards.These limits are also commonly a lot lower, which makes sense for borrowers who are just starting out.This is where things, however can get a bit tricky.I was talking to a friend the other day and she is in the midst of rebuilding her credit after her credit rating had fallen quite low due to various financial difficulties.

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