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As a worrier, and pretty much the one who has always been responsible for my family’s safety on horses, I didn’t know if I would be able to relax and let go of being in charge.

I was amazed at how quickly you and your special group of wranglers put me at ease … (And speaking of Jim, Hadley thank you for what was clearly an amazing lesson for Jim and then Mel, for leading us on a family ride during which Jim could canter through the sagebrush — a thrill!!!!

He is a gem, and I imagine will be a fixture at Bitterroot for always, but should he ever need a home or vacation in the East, do let us know.

Your hospitality, kindness, attention and understanding have been second to none; each guest is made to feel welcome as an individual and I have never felt so relaxed. It is a wonderful combination of rustic, elegant and charming. Wendy Bayne, New York You are all so warm and engaged in conversations with the guests that we felt invited into your family and home.

Ours was by the creek – a peaceful lullaby to fall asleep to. The family style dining allowed me to meet and interact with the other guests. The staff is very congenial, friendly and personable, willing to help and make my stay more delightful and enjoyable. The Bitterroot Ranch provided a spectacular backdrop, one that must be seen and felt to be believed. Your warm hospitality, cordial and attentive staff, beautiful and well behaved equines, all contained within a spectacular setting are things I’ll remember fondly forever. I felt that the effort put towards matching a guest with a horse was exceptional. I am in awe of your horses’ careful surefootedness.

A week that I considered would be the highlight of my spring quickly became what might be the highlight of my year.

The river sang us to sleep every night and the horses woke us coming in every morning. From you as such a fun, interesting, knowledgeable, lovely family, to your equally wonderful staff, to your amazing, happy horses, to the cozy cabins, wonderful food and the astonishingly spectacular setting, we could not have spent a week somewhere we enjoyed more.

When Jim and I realized that this was the year we might be able to make Wyndom and Tori’s dream of going to a ranch come true, much research (by the girls! As we narrowed down the options, Bitterroot became the clear choice to all of us…and what a perfect choice we made.

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