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We know that Colin Morgan tries to focus on the script and his own interpretation of the characters rather than dabble in fandom, but Katie Mc Grath lauds the imagination and enthusiasm of fans: Says Mc Grath, “I think that’s part of what makes Merlin such a successful show, though.There’s such a scope for the audience to read in whatever they want into these stories and these characters and I think that’s why it’s lasted for so long.Five seasons has seen a dramatic change in the relationship between these two women.In the early seasons, Morgana and Gwen lived as king’s ward and lady’s maid, respectively, and cultivated a close friendship despite their difference in rank.There are so many characters, how can you narrow it down to just those two? Mc Grath: “It’s a bit of a sad question for all of us.I think we all ended up with the same answers, but we’ll miss the people that we’re working with.

“I like Merlin better.” There could “absolutely” be some kind of reconciliation between Guinevere and Morgana by series’ end – one teensy tiny stipulation, though.Says Mc Grath: “I could absolutely see Gwen and Morgana reconciling at this point! (laugh)” Well, yes, if King Arthur and Queen Guinevere gave up the throne and vowed to follow Morgana’s every order, perhaps she would be satisfied. “No,” Mc Grath continues, “To be honest, I think by the time you get through series five, you realize that there is no coming back with their relationship.As long as Gwen admits that Morgana should be Queen and her ruler. There is a big break, and once you’ve watched these episodes you realize that the friendship they had is gone and probably not going to come back.And, you know, if along the way they become really good friends as a byproduct then that’s brilliant and that’s what’s happened.” Merlin is not the jealous type. She’s come from a humble background from servant to queen.Making the leap from prince to king must be difficult, but as a result Arthur has gained a dozen hand-picked knights as well as a just, compassionate queen. She’s the best advisor, in a way, that he could have by his side.

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