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Katica Roy, CEO and co-founder of Pipeline, says her MBA prepared her for a career in startups.Roy says that extracurricular activities and networking are as important as the classes.

The credential also helps to establish your credibility as a leader more quickly,” maintains Sharon Matusik, dean of the Leeds business school.“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” says Kampling.“Show courage, look to that new adventure, find that breakthrough opportunity.” Create the life you want, now Danielle Dannenberg, a current Leeds MBA student, brought the audience to its feet with an emotionally-charged message: “If you catch yourself thinking ‘I’ll do that, when…,’ take out the ‘when.’ Life is too short. ” After losing her mother to ALS, Dannenberg founded Wilde Guide, a platform that reviews outdoor adventure guides. They feel trapped in their own lives, by their thoughts and beliefs.How we navigate the challenges, that’s the key.” Before making a bold move, women sometimes hesitate, says Armour. “Women are really good at waiting for permission.” As a marine, she learned to trust her gut and act on it.

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