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By the age of twenty-two, the archbishop Cellach of Armagh (also spelled Ceollach and Celsus), a good acquaintance to OHaglan, found such promise and exception in the young man that he put aside canonical law and ordained the youth as a deacon three years prior to custom.

In 1119, he declared Malachy vicar-general and entrusted him with the duty of reforming the diocese while he was away.

Little Mel Medc Ua Morgair (anglicized to the more modern Malachy) lived his early, boyish days skipping amidst the comfortable sounds and familiar, candlelit ambiance of the Armagh Cathedral.

He remained educated under the personal tutelage of his learned father, Lector of Armagh, until the fateful day of Lectors death in the year 1102.

At the end of that time she will be delivered, and the English in turn must suffer severe chastisement.

Ireland, however, will be instrumental in bringing back the English to the unity of Faith.

Malachy would face a moratorium on church tithes, a shortage of priests and an even greater shortage of celibate clerics; he would wince at the improvised performances of the sacraments based on the rejection of canon law in favor of native and often semi-pagan Irish rituals.

With passion, yet still humble as a true servant of God, Malachy spoke out about Church reform and continuously brought more and more attention to himself as a true trailblazer.

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Hoping that Malachy could bring new life and hope to the Church, and wanting to put a stop to hereditary succession of the office, Cellach charged those under him with the task of spreading word that Malachy would be given his seat as Archbishop of Armagh. The prophecies of the popes writhed in his feverish conscience; the dragon oh no the dragon, Draco depreſſus and then Anguinus uir was this to be a serpentine pope? Schismaticus, popes and antipopes, power-mad, political posturing in the house of God.About this time according to legend, Malachy had a dream in which a woman appeared to him and revealed her identity as Archbishop Cellachs wife.She handed Mallachy a pastoral staff, and then disappeared.

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