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We found that people, who generally do not consume large amounts of fish from Lake Ontario, may benefit from choosing salmonids, such as lake whitefish, which maximizes the EPA DHA intake per meal.People who frequently consume Lake Ontario fish may benefit more from choosing panfish like black crappie or yellow perch.We evaluated whether eating Lake Ontario fish, following the consumption advisories, would result in a sufficient intake of EPA DHA.Fatty acids and contaminants known to be elevated in fish muscle tissue were analyzed for 282 Lake Ontario fish, representing 21 species.However, bioaccumulation metrics such as TMF may be subject to considerable uncertainty as a consequence of systematic bias and the influence of confounding variables.

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Next, we provide an overview of the magnitude and role of recreational fishing harvest in supporting nutrition using regional case-studies.

The abrupt disappearance of macrophytes after the regime shift resulted in a sudden change in phenanthrene distribution, as the sediment became the major sink.

For more hydrophobic compounds such as benzo(a)pyrene, the modeled impact of the regime shift was negligible for the whole environment, yet large for biotic compartments.

For this purpose, a multibox food-web bioaccumulation model was developed to account for spatial concentration differences and movement of organisms on chemical concentrations in aquatic biota and TMFs.

Model calculated and reported field TMFs showed good agreement for persistent polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners and biotransformable phthalate esters (PEs) in a marine aquatic food-web.

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