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If you haven’t heard of it before, “The Anatomy of Peace” is a book all about resolving conflict.Through an interesting and intriguing story, we learn how and why we contribute to the divisions and problems we blame on others and the surprising way that these problems can be solved.If you’re anything like us and already own and love it–then make sure to check out our post with 100 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse- broken down into the different love languages.The Five Love Languages is the first book on our reading calendar!Of course, we’re still totally in love with it and had to include it on our list!If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are HUGE fans of Fawn and her website, Happy Wives Club.I think almost everyone knows that communication is in marriage! Eggerichs presents a step-by-step approach for how husbands and wives can learn to speak each other’s language.

Okay, so you might be surprised to see this book here because technically it’s not a marriage book.

It’s seriously chock-full of “light bulb moments,” and it’s surprisingly funny and entertaining too.

I would say the main focus is on communication, but Dr.

Find top Christian single books for men and women interested in being in relationship, Christian marriage advice books and general dating advice for Christians on love, romance, dating tips & more.

We know that life is busy and we women don’t always have a lot of spare time to sit and relax and read a good book. The basic idea behind the book is that husbands and wives usually speak a different “love language.” Or in other words, we feel love in different ways.

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